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Siddhi Softech
 Technical Skills Training Center

At Siddhi Softech, we provide specially curated technical skills programs that are meant precisely for your organization to help the workforce on overall improvements in their professional fronts. You can confidently rely on our industry-specific expert trainers who focus on every program participant towards the same goal at an equal pace.

We specialize in three different sectors when it comes to

enhancing personnel’s technical knowledge, technical

competencies, and technical skills:

      Fresher technical skills training programs

      Lateral technical skills training programs

      Project-specific technical skills training

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What are Technical skills?

Technical skills are the specialized knowledge and expertise an employee needs to accomplish complex actions, tasks, and processes relating to the operations of an enterprise. Technical skills are significant because nearly every job relies on different tools, programs, and processes. If you have sought-after technical skills and knowledge common in your industry, you’ll be a more competitive candidate for the right job.

Is Technical training needed?

An employer first looks at what you’re capable of in the technical skills section of your resume. The preliminary thing to look for when they read an application is whether you have the right skill set.


Companies are looking for talented candidates, and the technical skills you are equipped with will make a big difference between being rejected and getting an interview. The right technical skills can be gained through our extensive technical training programs which will help you bag your dream job with ease.

Technical Skills offered at Siddhi Softech

Microsoft Technologies







Business Intelligence & Data warehousing


Web Technologies

Application Servers

Data Science

Telecom / Mobile Domain

Dev Ops

Cloud Computing and Big Data        

Other Technology

Why Siddhi Softech?

Siddhi Softech is an exclusive Technical skills development organization where we believe that opportunity to create progress via technology should be available to all and develop skills with assessments, learning paths, and courses authored by industry experts.

Skilled experienced trainers at Siddhi Softech will provide you with practical knowledge classes with Real Time Projects, interview Q&A, project case studies and many more to strengthen your technical skills. Our tailor-made programs make Siddhi Softech one of the best Technical training institutes in Bangalore

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